Clinic Tour

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Clinic Front

Our clinic was remodeled in 2008. This is the view from FM 148. We are located at 551 FM 148 in Terrell, Tx 75160


Through the front door of Risinger Veterinary Hospital, you will find several friendly staff greeting you with a smile.

Small Animal Exam Room 1

Small Animal Exam Room 2

The second small animal exam room is designed with bigger dogs in mind. The scale located in the room also raises for an exam table.

Radiology and Ultrasound

We have an ultrasound machine to check pregnancies and some small animal abdominal features. Also pictured is the small animal radiograph machine. We have recently converted to digital radiographs.

Digital Radiographs

Risinger Veterinary Hospital utilizes digital radiography for both large and small animals. Digital radiography provides a clear picture with decreased processing time for more efficient diagnosis as well as easy consultation with a boarded radiologist if needed. The individual radiographs can be viewed from the exam rooms or the large animal facility on our ipad.

Small Animal Surgery

The small animal surgery room is equipped with the best anesthesia monitoring equipment available for veterinary medicine. The surgery room is separated from the prep area by an automatic sliding glass door to decrease contamination during operations. Our stainless steel surgery table is heated to help keep patients warm while under anesthesia. We utilize a Ligasure coagulation machine during most routine procedures to decrease blood loss and adverse suture reactions.

Canine Boarding Facility

We take great pride in our clean canine kennels. Each kennel is made of stainless steel and the floors are non-porous so everything can be thoroughly disinfected between each pet. This picture represents some of the smaller kennels available for boarding.

Canine Boarding Facility

This picture represents some of the many runs we have available for large dogs. The runs are comprised of non-porous material with drains in the rear of the run for easy and complete disinfecting between patients. The stainless steel gates accommodate food bowls at the bottom that can rotate into the hallway. This design holds the bowls off the floor for cleanliness and allows access from outside the run.

Intensive Care and Prep Area

We offer quality intensive care for hospitalized patients. The ICU is equipped with multiple oxygen supply stations, 2 anesthesia machines, 2 wet prep stations with surgical- strength lighting, and, best of all, the kennels placed where the staff can monitor patients all day.

In-House Diagnostic Laboratory

Risinger Veterinary Hospital has an in-house diagnostic laboratory capable of multiple tests such as complete blood cell counts, thyroid panels, serum chemistry, heartworm testing, FIV/FeLV, hematocrit, total protein, urine analysis, and many more.


Intestinal parasite detection is important in all species from goats to horses to dogs. At Risinger Veterinary Hospital, we utilize a centrifugation technique and microscopic examination to detect even the lowest intestinal parasite burden.

Equine Facility

Risinger Veterinary Hospital is equipped to provide even your large pets with optimum veterinary care. We offer equine dental services, radiology, lameness examinations, medical treatment of colic cases, nasogastric tube deworming, annual vaccinations, and much more.

Hydraulic Livestock Chute

We offer a variety of livestock veterinary services including branding, vaccinations, dehorning, cesarean sections, trichomonas testing for bulls, castration of goats, pigs, and cattle, pregnancy testing, and much more. Farm calls are available for herd services.

Feline only Boarding

The Cat Boarding Facility is located in the front of the clinic away from the hustle and bustle of all the canine boarders. Cats enjoy a cat tree, board walk, and windows that face the highway while staying here with us.