At Home Euthanasia

Deciding when quality of life is poor for your pet can be difficult. To aid in the peaceful passing of your pet when you are ready, we offer at home euthanasia by appointment. The entire procedure will be explained to you according to your level of interest and comfort. Feel free to ask questions if needed. When a veterinarian and technician arrive at your home, we will administer a sedative injection in the muscle. This will ease any discomfort and allow your pet to rest calm and comfortably. This injection usually takes about 10 minutes before the pet is relaxed and unaware much of surroundings. She/he just falls asleep with you. Once you and your pet are ready, we will clip the hair over a peripheral vein, most of the time in the front limb, and clean the skin of dirt and debris with alcohol wipe. A tourniquet may be applied to the limb to facilitate the intravenous injection of the final euthanasia medication. This injection only takes 1-2 minutes to stop the heart. The veterinarian will then confirm that your pet has passed. We use Pet Memories Cremation service in Rockwall for our burials and cremations. If you would like us to transport your pet for this service, we may do so. Additional fees apply depending if you would like to receive your pet’s ashes returned to you or bury the ashes at the pet cemetery.