Radiology (X-rays)

When we need to figure out what’s wrong with your pet, we routinely use x-rays to help identify the cause of the problem, rule out possible problems, or provide a list of possible causes. We may also use x-rays during a wellness exam to diagnose potential problems before they become serious.

X-rays provide valuable information about a pet’s bones, gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines, colon), respiratory tract (lungs), heart, and genitourinary system (bladder, prostate). We use radiology alone or in conjunction with other diagnostic tools. Interpretation of radiographs requires great skill on the part of the veterinarian.

We are proud to offer digital radiology (x-rays that are captured digitally rather than on film). This state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide you with a quicker diagnosis for your pet. Plus, it uses less radiation than traditional x-rays.

To avoid a blurry image, pets need to remain completely still while an x-ray is taken. In some cases, we may need to sedate your pet or use short-acting general anesthesia.

Here at Risinger Veterinary Hospital, we can readily submit radiographs of your pet for the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). OFA radiographs are used to evaluate the hips and elbows of a dog. The radiographs are usually taken of dogs 24 month of age or older and are mostly done for owners who are considering breeding their dog. If the hips and/or elbows pass certification to be free from dysplasia, the puppies are often more valuable. Sometimes, if they don’t pass, owners may decide not to breed them. Positioning is very important to ensure radiographs of adequate quality for OFA certification. Though it is not required, anesthesia or sedation is strongly recommended so that we can achieve the best results possible. We will have OFA paperwork to be completed by the owner regarding the pet being radiographed. You need to know your pet’s registered name, tattoo or microchip number, and information about the sire and dam. The signature of the owner is necessary on the completed paperwork. Risinger Veterinary Hospital will submit the radiographs for evaluation and the results will be sent direct to the owner.

If you have any questions about our radiology service or what to expect during your pet’s procedure, please don’t hesitate to ask.