Having your pet groomed at a veterinary hospital comes with so many benefits and peace of mind! At Risinger Veterinary Hospital, we utilize the most effective disinfectant practices in our hospital, kennel, and grooming facilities. Our written disinfectant protocols are derived from peer-reviewed studies regarding disinfectant combinations and effectiveness. RVH staff has been formally trained through Heroes for Healthy Pets to recognize and isolate pets with any clinical symptom of potentially infectious diseases as well as how to control and prevent contamination. Any patient that enters the boarding and grooming facility is required to have current vaccines and appear apparently healthy. Rest assured, our experienced groomer has immediate access to medical staff that can assess your pets’ needs and notifies you of any concerns. For example, it is common for breeds that grow hair in their ears, such as poodles, to retain otic debris and moisture that can lead to an ear infection. If excessive debris or an odor is discovered when cleaning your pet’s ears, we can contact you with diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

Our grooming facility is available anytime for a private tour whenever you have a chance to swing by! We are equipped with a temperature-controlled, multi-head dryer system, 2 stainless steel bathing tubs with ramp access for larger, arthritic dogs, a textured, rubber-topped grooming table to provide traction, and any shampoo to fit your pet’s skin needs. We strive to be considerate to your pet’s individual needs with time to rest or extra bedding if needed. Our team is trained to provide a “Fear Free” experience for your pet’s stay with us. We welcome hungry dogs as we love to give lots of treats! The RVH team is inviting and friendly with a gentle touch to help your pet feel at home.

Please call today to schedule an appointment with our groomer Amy!