Puppy Cuddles and Care

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This morning seemed to be full of all cute, cuddly puppies. Our favorite cuddles came from this litter of Corgis!

We took care of the mom to the 7 feisty puppies before they were born and Dr Megan docked all the puppy tails at 3 days of age. They came in today for an intestinal parasite screen and first set of vaccinations.

We provide canine prenatal care such as nutritional consultation, anthelmintics and vaccination schedules, ultrasound and/or radiography. This sweet litter was not born via cesarean; however, we routinely preform scheduled and emergency c-sections. Our postpartum care for mom and puppies includes quality nutrition, implanting microchips, docking tails and removing dewclaws if breed applicable, vaccinations beginning at 6 weeks of age, intestinal parasite screening and deworming.

Come by to visit yourself. We would love to opportunity to pamper your puppies too!


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