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Dear Diary

Overheard a client telling my mom that writing down ‘feelings’ in a journal or a diary is a good way to deal with challenges or remind yourself what makes you happy. I thought, “What the heck? If its good for humans its probably better for dogs.” Easy assignment actually, I am pretty clear about how I’m feeling. All the time. Pretty much 7 categories, hungry, happy, sleepy, hungry, anxious, annoyed or hungry. Or hungry…  I am feeling thankful today. Here is why;

1:            It is cold and rainy today so I am thankful for the house I live in. It’s warm and there are plenty of soft, dry places to sleep.  

2:            I am thankful for squirrels. I will get one if it’s the last thing I do.

3:            I am thankful for the next-door neighbor’s chickens. See above – same same.

4:            I am thankful for treats, although I don’t get enough. On this subject;

  • I am thankful for Jean, who gives me treats when mom isn’t looking. (as a matter of fact, she hasn’t been here for a while. I might be losing weight)
  • I am thankful for Peggy, who gives me treats when mom isn’t looking.
  • I am thankful for Peggy’s mom, Elizabeth, who doesn’t listen to mom (as a matter of fact, I don’t know where she’s been lately. I probably am losing weight) (which is a whole other topic, you don’t even know how many clients come in and tell me how pretty I am and then turn right around and tell mom I look ‘plump’ or ‘fluffy’!!! Did anyone ask for an opinion?!?!?! And if THAT person was wearing a fur coat how skinny do you think THAT person would look, huh?) (I mean seriously? These people need to watch Bambi and pay special attention to Thumper’s mom…)
  • I am thankful for table scraps at Thursday meetings (special shout out to Jean, Peggy, Bethany, Ashley)
  • I am thankful for Ashley’s kids, Cheyenne and Nolan, who give me treats without asking first.

5:            Also, on the subject of treats, I can always count on Dr. Casey’s cow poop covered boots. I wish he wouldn’t tell mom though. Of course I love her but she is a NINNY about poop.

6:            I am thankful for flea medication. I wish there was something for fire ants, mosquitoes and flies. (on the subject of flies, Millie hates them. She acts as if barking and growling will scare                        them away. It’s yap, yap, yap, chasing them around, leaping at them. She never figures it out…knock yourself out, Millie…she’s cute but she missed the lineup for brains)

7:            I guess mostly I’m thankful for my family for taking care of me and because I get to come to work every day with mom where I can see all my friends, meet new animals and get treats.

Bye for now, Ethel (confidential)



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